Music Lessons


Many families spend time searching for YouTube piano lessons, YouTube guitar lessons, or other online guitar classes? Why?! When you can enjoy the experience of our one-on-one instruction from one of our talented music teachers! As popular as our dance school is, Dance Elite’s Music Program has really taken off this last year, and we are so excited to be offering piano, singing lessons, guitar, and music theory! Our music instructors all hold university degrees in the areas that they specialize in and strive to inspire their students whilst enriching their lives with music. Families can pick from 30 minute private and semi-private lessons. You don't even have to buy a guitar! But if you want to continue practicing at home, we are working with Guitar Center in Lynnwood for any rental needs you might have. Just give Dance Elite & Music a call to schedule your class time or a free trial! 

Classes are offered Monday - Friday and Saturday morning. Contact the office to find out available days and times.

Please see our Parent/Student Handbook for policies and studio procedures




Our piano classes begin at age 4. The classes themselves are structured based on student’s ability level and personal goals toward piano playing, note recognition, and music theory. 30 minute private lessons are $114/month.



Our guitar lessons begin at age 5. We incorporate sight reading and technique into a fun 30 minute class designed to create a stable foundation for any beginning guitarist, as well as build on guitar skills and player knowledge for those with more experience. 30 minute private lessons are $114/month.



Our vocal lessons begin at age 5. Each lesson is built and structured based on the vocalists ability. We explore correct vocal technique, including breathing exercises and note recognition. 30 minute private lessons are $114/month.



Our drum lessons begin at age 5 and each lesson is structured around the level of the student and their ablities. The instructor creates a fun and encouraging atmosphere. 



Violin lessons start as early as 5 years old and we encourage the students to come in for a free trial lesson before registering. During this trial lesson the instructor will be able to see if the student has the motor skills ready the instrument.